The Shree Gauranga’s Foundation logo is unique in the world. Its roots are embedded in the ancient 5000-year-old spiritual culture. As our goal is to bring both spiritual and material balance in a person’s life with education, it is very well reflected in our logo.

The swan represents the purity and potency of the real knowledge. Real knowledge can deliver the living entity from material existence. As the swan is the symbol of purity and transcendence in Vedantic teaching, they are known as hansas in Sanskrit.

Shree Gauranga Sankh or a special kind of counch is Dakshinavarti sankh. It brings Peace, Prosperity, Harmony, Wealth and Happiness in the universe.

White lotus flower, this color lotus is known to symbolize Bodhi (being awakened), and represents a state of mental purity, and that of spiritual perfection; it is also associated with the pacification of one’s nature. This lotus is considered to be the womb of the world.

The Tulsi below the Sankh, Only through the mercy of pure devotee or a vaisvanava (people) and serving them with great sincerity our true nature can be awakened.

Lotus leaves and roots represent the ancient 5000-year-old spiritual culture embedded within our belief system.

Blue colour represents professionalism and logic.

Orange colour represents friendly, cheerful, energetic and confident nature.

Red colour represents being powerful with high-energy.

White colour represents Goodwill, Purity, Peacefulness, Spiritualness, and Cleanness.

We in Shree Gauranga’s believe that by educating and empowering  the women in the family we are helping the entire family in improving their quality of life. From Grandmother to daughter to granddaughter we are also facilitating family bonding in this way. 

“Vidya dadati Vinayam…”

With Great Knowledge comes Total Surrender

With Total Surrender, you become Worthy.

When you are Worthy, you are given the Greatest Wealth

That Wealth is Bliss.



This beautiful logo was designed by our Founder and Managing Director -Dr.Kavita Sanjeev Khajuria and Art work design done by very Famous Fashion Designer-  Mr. Bhooshan V. Bane.

Thanking the team for the beautiful logo .